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Group #14 - Dragon

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There are 52 families that are part of the Dragon egg group.

Family # Members Egg Groups Egg Moves
#2 charmeleon_sprite charmander_sprite charizard_sprite  Monster Dragon AncientPowerBeat UpBelly DrumBiteCounterCrunchDragon DanceDragon PulseDragon RushFlare BlitzFocus PunchMetal ClawOutrageRock Slide, & Swords Dance.
#9 ekans_sprite arbok_sprite  Dragon Ground Beat UpDisableIron TailPoison FangPoison TailPursuitScary FaceSlamSnatchSpiteSucker Punch, & Switcheroo.
#54 kingdra_sprite horsea_sprite seadra_sprite  Dragon Water1 Aurora BeamClear SmogDisableDragonBreathDragon RageFlailMuddy WaterOctazookaOutrageRazor WindSignal BeamSplash, & Water Pulse.
#64 magikarp_sprite gyarados_sprite  Dragon Water2 None.
#76 dragonair_sprite dragonite_sprite dratini_sprite  Dragon Water1 Aqua JetDragonBreathDragon DanceDragon PulseDragon RushExtremeSpeedHazeIron TailLight ScreenMistSupersonic, & Water Pulse.
#130 grovyle_sprite treecko_sprite sceptile_sprite  Monster Dragon Bullet SeedCrunchCrush ClawDouble KickDragonBreathEndeavorGrasswhistleLeaf StormLeech SeedMagical LeafMud SportNatural GiftRazor WindSynthesis, & Worry Seed.
#168 swablu_sprite altaria_sprite  Dragon Flying AgilityDragon RushFeatherDanceHazeHyper VoicePower SwapPursuitRageRoost, & Steel Wing.
#170 seviper_sprite  Dragon Ground AssuranceBody SlamFinal GambitIron TailNight SlashPunishmentScary FaceSpit UpStockpileSwallowSwitcheroo, & Wring Out.
#178 feebas_sprite milotic_sprite  Dragon Water1 BrineCaptivateConfuse RayDragonBreathDragon PulseHazeHypnosisIron TailLight ScreenMirror CoatMistMud Sport, & Tickle.
#191 salamence_sprite shelgon_sprite bagon_sprite  Dragon Defense CurlDragon DanceDragon PulseDragon RageDragon RushEndureFire FangHydro PumpShadow ClawThrash, & Twister.
#225 garchomp_sprite gible_sprite gabite_sprite  Dragon Monster Body SlamDouble-EdgeDragonBreathIron HeadIron TailMetal ClawMud ShotOutrageRock ClimbSand TombScary FaceThrash, & Twister.
#278 scrafty_sprite scraggy_sprite  Dragon Ground AmnesiaCounterDetectDragon DanceDrain PunchFake OutFire PunchIce PunchThunderPunch, & Zen Headbutt.
#302 fraxure_sprite haxorus_sprite axew_sprite  Dragon Monster CounterDragon PulseEndeavorEndureFocus EnergyHardenIron TailNight SlashRazor Wind, & Reversal.
#308 druddigon_sprite  Dragon Monster Crush ClawFaint AttackFire FangGlareIron TailMetal ClawPoison TailPursuitSnatchSucker Punch, & Thunder Fang.
#316 hydreigon_sprite deino_sprite zweilous_sprite  Dragon AssuranceAstonishDark PulseDouble HitEarth PowerFire FangHead SmashIce FangScreech, & Thunder Fang.
#337 heliolisk_sprite helioptile_sprite  Monster Dragon None.
#340 dragalge_sprite skrelp_sprite  Water1 Dragon None.
#353 tyrantrum_sprite tyrunt_sprite  Monster Dragon None.
#358 sliggoo_sprite goodra_sprite goomy_sprite  Dragon None.
#383 salandit_sprite salazzle_sprite  Monster Dragon None.
#395 turtonator_sprite  Monster Dragon None.
#399 drampa_sprite  Monster Dragon None.