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#12 - Wiki Berry

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wiki_plant_sprite    wiki_berry_sprite
English: Wiki
Romaji: Wi
Japanese: ウイのみ [?]
Size: 115
Firmness: Hard
Yields: 1 - 5 Berries
Flavortext - It is said that this Berry grew lumps to help Pokémon grip it, allowing propagation farther afield.
Description - Restores 12.5% of the user's maximum HP but will confuse the user if the user has any of the following natures: adamant, careful, impish, or jolly.

Obtaining #12 - Wiki Berry

Wild Pokémon  
Kanto  Not available.
Johto  Not available.
Sinnoh  Not available.
Unova  Not available.
PokéWalker  Not available.

Growth & Usage

Flavor Ratings
Bitter: 0
Dry: 15
Sour: 0
Spicy: 0
Sweet: 0
Growth Rates
mulch  6 hours per stage; 25 hours total
Normal: 5 hours per stage; 20 hours total
mulch  4 hours per stage; 15 hours total
Other Uses
Poffin Level: 22
Poffin Flavor: Dry
Natural Gift Type: type
Natural Gift Power: 60