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#62 - Cutsap Berry

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cutsap_plant_sprite    cutsap_berry_sprite
English: Cutsap
Romaji: Iban
Japanese: イバンのみ [?]
Size: 267
Firmness: Super Hard
Yields: 1 - 5 Berries
Flavortext - The flesh underneath the Custap Berry's tough skin is sweet and creamy soft.
Description - When the user's HP reaches 25%, or below, this berry activates and the user's next move will have priority over the foe's next move, regardless of speed. This effect is nullified in the foe's next move has higher priority.

Obtaining #62 - Cutsap Berry

Wild Pokémon  
Kanto  Not available.
Johto  Not available.
Sinnoh  Not available.
Unova  Not available.
PokéWalker  Not available.

Growth & Usage

Flavor Ratings
Bitter: 10
Dry: 0
Sour: 0
Spicy: 0
Sweet: 40
Growth Rates
mulch  30 hours per stage; 120 hours total
Normal: 24 hours per stage; 96 hours total
mulch  18 hours per stage; 72 hours total
Other Uses
Poffin Level: Unknown
Poffin Flavor: 
Natural Gift Type: type
Natural Gift Power: 80