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Massive Smash Bros. Direct Enters the Ring

Massive Smash Bros. Direct reveals new features, stages and characters. We share all the revelations. Pokemon related: Greninja enters the fray, alongside Charizard as a unique fighter; the Kalos Pokemon League is a Wii U stage, Prism Tower for 3DS.

Darkrai Distribution Coming for Diancie Movie

Darkrai has been chosen as the people's choice for the seventeenth movie event distribution. It comes with Phantom Force, which is otherwise unobtainable.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service Shutting Down May 20th

Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service will be ended on May 20th, 2014. This will affect online play for all Nintendo Wii and DS games.

Masuda Discusses XY Details and Mysterious

GameFreak director Junichi Masuda held a revealing interview with GameInformer in which he discussed certain Pokemon designs, plot elements, romance in Pokemon, Hoenn, and more.

Nintendo Direct Recap Pokemon Battle Trozei Announced

Today's Nintendo DIrect revealed a variety of news, such as a GBA Virtual Console for Wii U, a new Smash Bros character, and Pokemon Battle Trozei, a new eShop title.

CoroCoro Diancie Revealed and Detailed

CoroCoro leaks to reveal, Diancie, a hidden event Pokemon, is one of the stars for the 17th Pokemon movie, which allows us to learn a little more about the mysterious Pokemon. A wallpaper for Diancie has also been completed.

Pokemon Bank Released Pretty Much Everywhere

Pokemon Bank was opened up to North/South American players this morning, following its release in Europe. We have a nice big post summarizing the rules, prices and all that can be unlocked in XY now.

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on Tue Sep 02 20:52:34 2014 from Twitter for Android

Creo que me veré #PokémonXY o #DetectiveConan mmm... No sé...


on Tue Sep 02 20:51:52 2014 from TweetDeck

RT @Shiny_404: Pour le premier anniversaire de S404, Shiny Arcko/Shiny Poussifeu/Shiny Gobou 6IV à gagner. Il suffit de follow + #RT #Shiny…


on Tue Sep 02 20:51:18 2014 from TweetDeck

Pour le premier anniversaire de S404, Shiny Arcko/Shiny Poussifeu/Shiny Gobou 6IV à gagner. Il suffit de follow + #RT #Shiny #PokemonXY


on Tue Sep 02 20:40:24 2014 from Twitter Web Client

Anyway if I get another shiny Luxio or Pika, I will probably give them away here, as previously stated. #pokemonxy


on Tue Sep 02 20:33:51 2014 from twittbot.net

ポケモンXYやってます!主にノーマル統一パで低レートをさまよってます 見つけたらよろしくね!たまにキャスもやってるからおいで~ 一番すきなのはオオタチです #ポケモンXY #PokemonXY


on Tue Sep 02 20:29:35 2014 from PrplTwtr2

Still no shiny pachirisu. Amusingly after I started pachirisu became kinda popular, I wonder why? Anime? #pokemonxy


on Tue Sep 02 20:11:49 2014 from Twitter Web Client

my current pokemon X team #Pokemon #pokemonx #pokemonXY http://t.co/EyMc8JB8zF


on Tue Sep 02 20:10:56 2014 from Twitter for iPhone

Quel est votre endroit Farvori ? Ma réponse: Les Centres Pokémon (la réponse à tout) x') #PokemonXY


on Tue Sep 02 20:06:10 2014 from TweetCaster for Android

I want a Chespin nicknamed "Belieber4Evr". #Smosh #PokémonXY


on Tue Sep 02 20:03:09 2014 from Twitter Web Client

reached 999:59 #PokemonXY

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