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New 3DS Dated With Hoopa and Pokemon Shuffle Reveal

First Nintendo Direct of 2015 brings news of the release date for the New 3DS, the reveal of free-to-play eShop title Pokemon Shuffle, and a Charizard amiibo. Also: Hoopa has been revealed.

New 3DS Release Date, Hoopa and Pokemon Shuffle Revealed

First Nintendo Direct of 2015 brings news of the release date for the New 3DS, the reveal of free-to-play eShop title Pokemon Shuffle, and a Charizard amiibo. Also: Hoopa has been revealed.

ORAS Mega-Recap and Site Functionality Restored

We're back online after a major back-end restructuring that we had no choice in doing... Agh. Making up for lost time with a massive OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire recap!

Massive Smash Bros. Direct Enters the Ring

Massive Smash Bros. Direct reveals new features, stages and characters. We share all the revelations. Pokemon related: Greninja enters the fray, alongside Charizard as a unique fighter; the Kalos Pokemon League is a Wii U stage, Prism Tower for 3DS.

Darkrai Distribution Coming for Diancie Movie

Darkrai has been chosen as the people's choice for the seventeenth movie event distribution. It comes with Phantom Force, which is otherwise unobtainable.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service Shutting Down May 20th

Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service will be ended on May 20th, 2014. This will affect online play for all Nintendo Wii and DS games.

Masuda Discusses XY Details and Mysterious

GameFreak director Junichi Masuda held a revealing interview with GameInformer in which he discussed certain Pokemon designs, plot elements, romance in Pokemon, Hoenn, and more.

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on Sun Jan 25 11:51:48 2015 from Twitter for iPhone

Got these today MUAHAHA and finished getting all my Eeveelutions :3 #PokemonORAS http://t.co/nkiBqwyCXx


on Sun Jan 25 11:43:11 2015 from PokeRetweet

RT @GiO_GUTiERRRZ: Maxie's model of My.Chimney (iFunny) #Pokemon #PokemonORAS http://t.co/2z129utkTT


on Sun Jan 25 11:42:59 2015 from Twitter for Android

¡Vamos a darle Candela! #PokemonORAS http://t.co/aOPb6pBSf9


on Sun Jan 25 11:40:28 2015 from Twitter for iPhone

Never saw @ShadowedXHunted #panic as much has when he thought he lost #PokemonORAS


on Sun Jan 25 11:31:20 2015 from twittbot.net

【お小遣いも貯められる新感覚SNS】オメガルビー アルファサファイアの攻略・交流なら→ なんとXYは6000人以上のフレコが登録されてます! サファリ交換なら今すぐ登録♪→ http://t.co/aJd6Oe7AHZ ポケモン ORAS フレンドコード 305


on Sun Jan 25 11:31:13 2015 from twittbot.net

【お小遣いも貯められる新感覚SNS】オメガルビー アルファサファイアの攻略・交流なら→ なんとXYは6000人以上のフレコが登録されてます! サファリ交換なら今すぐ登録♪→ http://t.co/Ur76k2slXC ポケモン ORAS フレンドコード 307


on Sun Jan 25 11:26:36 2015 from Twitter for iPhone

Caught 'em all! #PokemonORAS #Pokemonmeister http://t.co/glQ12gY8sY


on Sun Jan 25 11:20:34 2015 from dlvr.it

【ポケモンORAS】131番水道、空の柱入り口でミクリと戦闘→連打 http://t.co/i4zQ8aMQSC


on Sun Jan 25 11:16:11 2015 from Twitter for iPhone

That just makes me laugh!! #PokemonORAS #PokemonTCG #PokemonXY #Pokemon! #Dumbass lol http://t.co/I0w1sBThEE


on Sun Jan 25 11:13:11 2015 from tweecha for android

Dann holen wir uns mal den letzten Orden °v° #PokemonORAS


on Sun Jan 25 11:10:14 2015 from Twitter for iPad

RT @PLAYPKM: My shiny Tyrunt is so beautiful :* #pokemon #pokemonoras #omegarubin #omegaruby #alphasa... http://t.co/RuFl1T3vYr http://t.co…


on Sun Jan 25 11:09:05 2015 from IFTTT

My shiny Tyrunt is so beautiful :* #pokemon #pokemonoras #omegarubin #omegaruby #alphasa... http://t.co/RuFl1T3vYr http://t.co/d8xXfqn8xC


on Sun Jan 25 11:08:41 2015 from IFTTT

Love the Kanto region👌🌟 #pokemon #pokemonoras #kanto #eevee #squirtle #bulbasaur #charma... http://t.co/3z8bilDwr5 http://t.co/ZwKKv5kFXD


on Sun Jan 25 11:06:13 2015 from fureco_pokexy

【あやかぜさんの投稿】フレンドコード交換しましょう!そちらも登録したら、お返事ください! fc0361-8767-8689… (ポケモンオメガルビー アルファサファイアコミュの参加者は250人♪気軽に参加できます→http://t.co/txq3GEdokg)

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